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Size: 142.6 sq mi    Population: 1.53 million    GDP: $324.2 billion    Industries: Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Government Philadelphia Size: 8.155 sq mi    Population: 85,000    Industries: State Government Trenton Size: 17 sq mi    Population: 40,000    Industries: Gaming, Entertainment, Tourism Atlantic City Size: 11.4 sq mi    Population: 50,000    Industries: State government, Healthcare, Insurance, Tourism Harrisburg Size: 92 sq mi    Population: 621,000    GDP: $152.8 billion    Industries: Education, Healthcare, Tourism Baltimore Size: 10.34 sq mi    Population: 76,119    Industries: Construction, Healthcare, Education Camden Size: 18 sq mi    Population: 120,207    Industries: Manufacturing, Healthcare Allentown Size: 18.4 sq mi    Population: 29,603    Industries: Education, Government, Construction Princeton Size: 17.03 sq mi    Population: 71,525    Industries: Finance, Government, Healthcare Wilmington

About PREC

The Philadelphia Real Estate Council is an exclusive peer group for real estate industry leaders in the Mid-Atlantic region. PREC was formed in 2010 as a registered 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. We offer our members valuable connections and resources through vibrant meetings, social events, original research, and an exclusive online community. We work to create greater opportunity and industry cooperation throughout the region, including driving markets such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Trenton, Princeton, Atlantic City, Wilmington, and Harrisburg.

Our Vision

PREC drives advancements in real estate by offering members a network of like-minded professionals. We aim to connect our members to the valuable information, professional contacts and opportunities they need to meet individual and corporate goals. We strive to do this in an exclusive environment tailored to experienced industry executives.

Our Objectives

Through its quarterly roundtable sessions and research efforts, PREC aims to:

  • Serve members by connecting them to valuable contacts and information
  • Provide a social and learning environment for industry leaders
  • Create and publish exclusive, relevant research to benefit members and the national real estate community
  • Promote education and interest in issues affecting real estate in the Mid-Atlantic region

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